About us

Who we are…


Magi (pronounced ‘may jai’) hails from “the three ‘wise men’ of the East who brought gifts to the infant Jesus (Matt. 2:1)” and is a big nod towards the three wise Directors of the organisation, Little Tiger Publishing Group which Magi Design is a part of.


We are a London based design and manufacturing company who create gift stationery and greeting cards. We have over 50 years combined team experience.


We have a wealth of market knowledge and most importantly, we love what we do so you can be assured that everything we design has had a lot of thought gone in to it. From choosing the grade of the paper, to selecting foil colours, to font selection and ribbon quality, we have a team of eyes that ensures only top notch products get on to the shelves.


Meet the team

Paul – The boss man with over 25 years experience in the greeting card and gift ware industry.

Vic – The Art Director and Manager of the London studio with over 16 years in the greeting card and gift ware industry.

Ellie – Designer with a background in theatre, art and the giftware industry

Lee – Designer with a background in art and textiles